Buro Tinto is a textile buying-production office, founded by a dynamic team of textile experts with over a decade of experience in the textile and apparel industry.

Our Amsterdam based team, textile fanatic Pasquale Jansma and all-rounder Sanne Roodnat, act as first point of contact between you and the manufacturers.


We collaborate closely with our clients and directly with our suppliers. Thanks to this direct working method, everyone is closely involved during the entire production process. We play a role as a mediator between our clients and the manufacturers, rendering qualified services in quality control throughout all textile production processes.

Buro Tinto is committed to provide total client satisfaction trough on-time delivery of high quality products. We have a vast network of suppliers around the globe a wide range of resources and partnerships with the manufacturers who are leaders in their fields, making the impossible possible.

  • Sampling & collection development

  • Linking product ranges to suitable suppliers

  • Obtaining and negotiating prices

  • Physical testing of fabric and garment meeting both client and industry requirements

  • Monitoring the product supply chain; from paper pattern to final delivery

  • Handling transportation and logistics

  • Controlling shipment documents and delivery status

Buro Tinto B.V.
Van Diemenstraat 410-412
1013 CR Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 261 57 82